Philosophical Post/Volume 1

Volume One – Fall 2009 Semester
Editor: William Brant
Co-editor: Paul Valle Jr.

Special Thanks to: Professor Craig Hanks, Beverly Pairet, Philosophy Department, College of Liberal Arts, Texas State University and Evil Twin Comics

Table of Contents

A Child’s Fighting Chance, Dennis Belline

The Tao of Martial Arts, Seth Barton

The Synthetic Imperative, James Strain

Subjective Knowledge: Its Origin, Supremacy, and Influence on Conflict, Shelby King

David Hume Comic — Action Philosophers, Fred Van Lent and Ryan Dunlavey

Animal Reason and Consciousness, James Locus

I Think Therefore I Am,I Think: Common Sense versus Skepticism, Justin Dean

Redesigning Society: An Utopia for the Century, Matthew Long

Panopticism: Prison without Walls, Jaskson F. Gorski

Preface to the Priority of the Problem of Sarcastic Reason and The Importance of Studying Sarcasm, William A. Brant



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